Special Edition: Meeting the Sikhs

On a cold blustery winter Friday, Feel Like You Belong made a road trip to the Sikh gurdwara (temple) in Ada, Michigan. The members of the Sikh Society of West Michigan greeted us warmly and staged a special worship service with instrumental music and singing--even though their normal worship falls on Sunday. Afterwards, we were treated to a delicious lunch and gracious conversation in their dining hall. Join us for a special edition when we talk with temple priest Bhai Baljeet Singh and temple member Veenu Suri. In a later installment, we will share an absolutely charming interview with octogenarian temple member Kashmir Singh.

Alan Headbloom

Alan advises Americans how to be global citizens and expats how to fit in to Michigan culture without annoying their native coworkers and clients. He also tweets and blogs at the intersection of language and culture. Over decades, he's traveled, studied, or lived on six continents, putting strange foods into his mouth and emitting strange sounds from it. His use of English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swedish, Hausa, and Japanese all improve with alcohol use. He gives invited public presentations on culture and unsolicited private advice on English grammar and usage; the latter isn't always appreciated. Visit his website for information on consulting, coaching, or speaking engagements.