Special Edition: Talking with the Writer and Cast of "Elvira" -- a Play about Undocumented Immigration

Actor/playwright Jessica Carmona was inspired about the real-life story of U.S. immigrant Elvira Arellano.  Arellano was an undocumented woman living and working in the United States until ICE officers arrested her and threatened to separate her from her son, a U.S. citizen by birth.  In this series of interviews, FLYB hears from Carmona and her four actors while in town from New York for a one-time performance at Grand Valley State University. We talk to Carmona's sister Jennica (Puerto Rico), Linda Obasi (Nigeria), Eduardo Leáñez (Venezuela), and Daniela Thome (Chile) about their roles in the play and what this production has taught them about the human side of immigration.

View the full, individual interviews here:

Jessica Carmona -- Jennica Carmona -- Daniela Thome -- Linda Obasi -- Eduardo Leáñez

Alan Headbloom

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