José "Cha-Cha" Jimenez Show: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
1:05 Young Lords of Lincoln Park Puerto Rican youth movement with origins in street gang protection; transitioned into civil rights organizing
1:10 civil rights activist someone who actively works for equal access for people who are traditionally discriminated against
2:27 red-blooded Americans fully patriotic citizens of the United States
3:44 blatant outright, obvious, without trying to hide
5:08 drug cartels organized, professional drug-selling and -smuggling groups
5:15 coalesced came together, unified
5:40 pilgrims people on an important journey
5:52 catechism classes basic religious education in the Catholic Church
6:06 orphanage home for children without parents
6:12 Caballeros de San Juan Knights of San Juan, a social/religious order founded in Puerto Rico
6:15 Knights of Columbus social/religious service order founded in the U.S.
6:17 Damas de Maria Daughters of Maria, a social/religious service order for women
6:33 Spanish mass to have the Catholic worship service done in Spanish
6:55 clash to confront, fight, disagree, argue
7:13 turned us around moved in a new (usually positive) direction
7:30 urban renewal program to change urban settings by redeveloping land and land use (often with the consequence of forcing out poorer, less politically connected residents)
7:40 substance abuse pattern of using drugs or alcohol in amounts that are dangerous to the individual or to others
7:49 Black Panthers political action organization dedicated originally to urban patrols and protecting black Americans from police brutality; evolved into a politically oriented group, advocating for worker rights and against capitalism/imperialism
8:00 Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Thomas Merton African-American Christian minister and civil rights leader who practiced non-violence (assassinated 1968), African-American Muslim minister and civil rights leader (assassinated 1965), French-American Catholic priest and writer of 70 books on spirituality, social justice, and pacifism
8:07 altar boy young person who helps a Catholic priest serve the worship mass; now called “altar servers” (to include girls) or “acolytes”
9:05 rioters people who wildly or violently disturb the public order, often breaking property or injuring bystanders
9:26 petty criminals people who commit simple, low-level crimes
9:40 coalition groups of people who join together for a common purpose
10:00 gentrification shifting an urban area towards wealthier residences and businesses, usually coordinated by city planners and real estate companies to encourage economic development but often displacing the original poorer residents (gentry = wealthy class)
10:25 evict to remove someone from their property, usually with the support of the law
11:30 Harold Washington African-American lawyer and Democratic politician who defeated established white politicians to become Chicago’s first black mayor
11:35 self-determination the right and process to control one’s own life
11:58 precinct coordinator person who organizes the political activity within one urban voting district (called a “precinct”)
12:05 endorse to publicly support a person for elected office (or support a program for official implementation)
12:11 alderman city district representative, councilman
12:19 Daley Machine the political organization and alliances that supported Chicago’s then-longest serving mayor, Richard J. Daley
12:50 picketing people with signs standing outside a business trying to persuade others not to enter to work or do business there
13:21 archives collection of historical documents and artifacts
14:04 indigenous originally from that place, born there
14:23 oral histories stories about the past that are shared by re-telling
15:19 in concert with along with, connected to, organized together
16:20 breed to produce new (animals, people, ideas)

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