Richard Blanco Show (Part 1): Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:50 obscurity being not well known
1:02 inauguration formal ceremony marking the start of a public official’s term in office
1:15 exiles people forced to leave their home and go live in another country
2:05 vocation strong feeling about one’s life work 
2:13 nine to five 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, regular working day
2:41 today’s day and age now, at this time
2:57 your cover something that hides what you’re really doing
3:17 legacy something that we leave for future generations
3:39 livelihood a way to make a living, a job
3:43 out there out in the world
3:55 hit the road go traveling
4:20 converts people who have had their mind changed to a new belief
4:46 organically naturally, not artificially
4:51 coerced forced
4:56 behind my back secretly, without my knowledge
5:11 lightbulbs go off suddenly having new ideas (having your brain be less dark)
5:21 Bethel, ME small village in eastern Maine
6:04 branch out expand, diversify, or extend one’s reach; try new things
6:35 destined supposed to be in the future; decided ahead of time
6:42 glossy shiny
6:46 anchored tied down, held safely in the same place
6:51 clutched holding tightly
7:00 wedding veil decorative thin cloth hanging from the head of a bride
7:14 sorrowful drone sad, ongoing noise
7:21 glimpse brief look at
7:44 Once upon a time… the traditional words which begin a fairy tale
7:52 sounding out saying a new word letter by letter to figure out the pronunciation
8:02 chorizo spicy Latin sausage
8:08 countered did or said something in response
8:09 pork pernil, garlic yucca typical Cuban foods
8:28 quinciñera dresses fancy dresses made to celebrate a girl’s 15th birthday in Latin culture
8:45 Florida theme parks Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens
9:06 madman scribbling crazy person writing down something very quickly or carelessly
9:34 hobbling walking slowly or unevenly due to age or injury, limping
9:56 mijo [Spanish] my son
10:27 moved, grasped, shaken deeply touched
10:38 turmoil chaos, violence, craziness
12:11 hold to higher standard/bar evaluate very strictly or precisely
12:21 inching towards moving slowly in that direction (inch by inch)
12:38 stuck with me remained in my head, couldn’t forget
13:34 danced around played with but not directly addressed
13:45 podium elevated platform for public speaking
14:10 home all along where someone belonged from the start
14:12 place at the table belonging there (with everyone else)
14:37 peripatetic traveling, moving, roving about
14:54 whirlwind tour quick trip with much activity
15:15 quintessential basic, fundamental
15:32 with the eye of keeping open the possibility of
15:49 hidden agenda secret plan
15:52 finding utopia looking for the perfect place
16:12 dawn of civilization earliest beginning of people living in society
16:34 sensibilities sensitivity, taste, or appreciation for art and emotion
16:49 at large in general
17:05 filled in blanks provided missing information
17:15 brag about speak proudly of
17:39 on top of that in addition to that
17:47 back in a time machine return to a previous moment in history
18:03 other half of the hyphen the “American” part of Cuban-American
18:22 check back in touch base with later
18:26 full circle come around to the beginning again
18:56 enmeshed completely caught up in, totally involved in
19:42 one eye looking back partially considering the past, not fully in the present
19:56 “Brady Bunch” early 1970s TV series with a typical white, middle class American family (with a mom, dad, 3 boys, and 3 girls)
20:02 “Leave It to Beaver” 1950s-60s TV series with a white, middle class American family (with a mom, dad, two sons)
20:07 contextualized framing a situation in its physical and historical place
20:13 re-runs old TV shows that are rebroadcast after their original programming has ceased
20:19 purgatory a religious waiting place for people who aren’t yet admitted into heaven; an undecided or in-between status
20:47 undiverse having only one type (of people, here: Cuban)
21:02 victimized by prejudice being treated unfairly by unearned negative feelings about you
21:09 propped me up supported me
21:21 flip side on the other hand
21:28 The Other someone who is different or strange
21:40 intermingling mixing with other kinds of people
21:46 Latinized made into a completely Latin culture
21:48 get by survive, live okay but not great
22:02 puts a ceiling on creates a limit for success

Alan Headbloom

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