Mach Makuei Show: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
1:14 Albion College Albion College is the alma mater of both Mach and Alan; his foster mom Catherine taught there.
1:45 displaced moved or forced from the original place
1:47 Duk
2:01 North: Moslem/Arab The capital city (of Khartoum) and the historical seat of power in Sudan lay in the north of the country.
2:05 South: African/Christian The newly formed country of South Sudan has Juba as its capital. For more background, go here
2:15 flee escape quickly, run away from something
2:31 United Nations (U.N.) About the U.N.’s work with refugees
2:56 make sense of come to understand, figure out
4:36 running water water that flows from pipes when you need it
5:08 dirt roads basic roads without pavement
6:02 a big deal important
6:57 glorified praised, spoken highly of
7:55 nuclear family core family members of parents and children (as opposed to extended family composed of aunts/uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.)
8:17 cattle cows (an important part of Dinka culture and economy)
8:25 come in handy become useful
8:35 entrepreneurial instinct the sense of how to do business, how to make money
9:29 trench a linear groove dug in the ground to channel water (or pipes or wires) to a certain destination
9:32 funnel into a ditch direct into an excavated channel for moving water
9:45 irrigation system a way to direct a regular supply of water to crops
10:08 come up with create, develop, think of, design
10:29 middle of nowhere a location with no buildings or services nearby
10:52 Anaheim Mighty Ducks professional ice hockey team in southern California
11:52 dive in to enter directly, without hesitation
12:22 land of milk and honey place with abundant food and good life [from the Bible]
13:08 foster parent a parent who agrees to take care of children who are not their biological children
15:10 carry yourself behave, act
15:24 well-rounded ability to do and understand a wide variety of tasks and topics
16:03 open their hearts/homes emotionally accept and physically house (the children)
18:11 one of Mach’s two companies
18:31 flat fee pricing structure that allows one fixed cost for a service
18:56 the second of Mach’s two companies
Bonus More details on Mach’s story Go here for the blog accounts of Mach’s foster mother, Catherine, who shares her cross-cultural observations of fostering three refugee children

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