Anthony Chang Show: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
2:03 radiochemist person who studies the chemistry of radioactive materials
2:18 in layman’s terms in the language of everyday people, in simple words
2:23 medical physics applying the concepts and methods of physics to the practice of medicine and healthcare
2:40 radiological images pictures taken with x-rays and other scanning technologies
2:50 modalities methods or types (of treatment)
2:53 PET, CT, MRI, ultrasound various scanning technologies used in healthcare: Positron Emission Tomography, Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging
3:01 open people up surgically cutting patients open
3:17 radiation therapy Therapy using ionizing radiation. Usually done after cancer surgery, a targeted way of killing cancer cells. 
3:28 medical physicist person who applies the concepts and methods of physics to the practice of medicine and healthcare
3:37 shooting the radiation aiming and releasing ionizing radiation on patients
3:46 surrounding tissues area of the body immediately around the treatment area
5:20 scalpel biopsy removing a small sample of possible cancer from a patient with a surgical knife
5:43 molecular imaging a noninvasive (nonsurgical) way of monitoring molecular activities in the body
5:49 anatomical difference difference in body structures
6:44 outlaw person who doesn’t like to conform to the rules or laws
6:52 Mandarin school school where subjects are taught in Mandarin Chinese
8:02 automatic flush system system that flushes a toilet without the user’s need to activate the water flow
8:12 plumbing engineering...self-taught degree learned by himself how to diagnose and fix pipes and valves (this was a joke in the conversation)
9:19 Taiwanese work ethic how people from Taiwan work very hard
9:31 willpower strong internal desire
9:53 scuffles small fights
9:57 as long as under the condition that
10:17 martial art traditional system of fighting that teaches physical health, self-defense, mental toughness, competition, spirituality, and self-confidence
10:51 black belt a woven cloth strap worn around the waist of a martial arts fighter that symbolizes the highest ranking of achievement
11:23 bronze medal award for the third-best competitor in a contest
11:37 heavyweight (division) the largest competitive grouping (by weight)
12:21 ... and up ... and higher (setting a minimum number and going up from there)
12:26 6’ 5” six feet, five inches tall
15:33 stand in the ring ready for competition in the center of the fighting area
16:07 whining complaining, making sad noises, feeling sorry for oneself
17:15 straightforward direct
17:28 curvy not direct
18:26 road trip going somewhere by car (instead of airplanes or trains) in order to take more time to observe the scenery and people 
19:42 GVSU, MSU Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University
20:00 Thesis of the Year the best written project submitted during this year
20:19 undergraduate students students in their first four years of college, those who have not finished the bachelor’s degree yet
20:30 Stanford, Harvard, Johns Hopkins famous, top American research universities
21:03 synergy interactive energy producing great results
21:09 time has flown by time has gone by quickly

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