Roberto Torres: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:37 ten-gallon hat cowboy hat (originally from Spanish name, misunderstood by English speakers as “ten-gallon”)
1:11 gala event celebratory event, often with formal attire
1:25 campesinos roots farm worker history
1:31 walk Memory Lane time to think about old times, past memories
1:37 boycott withdrawing from economic or social engagement as a form of protest
1:42 E & J Gallo Winery a large California wine manufacturer
2:45 UFW flag
1:50 Coahuila, Mexico
1:52 migrant track: CA, OR, WA route following the harvest seasons along the U.S. Pacific states
2:19 one after the other following each other in order (without interruption)
2:25 impoverished poor
1:19 César Chávez
2:45 work ethic the idea that hard work is a good thing
3:05 Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC)
3:22 tied to my roots connected to my past, linked to my history
3:32 pickle hamper container for picking pickle cucumbers
4:24 applied mathematics a practical way to use math
4:30 avid reader someone who enjoys reading a lot
4:42 Español era mi primer idioma. Spanish was my first language.
4:52 at a deficit lacking, at a disadvantage
4:55 make fun of to mock, laugh at, tease
5:30 enthralled excited, fascinated, captured
5:38 mijo my son (Spanish expression of endearment)
5:40 endearing term word expressing closeness
5:42 tio uncle (Spanish)
6:16 Readers Digest's_Digest
6:26 pressure was on to become proficient strong influence to achieve or master (a subject)
6:30 live into the name develop in ways that fit the name
7:02 Councilman in San Antonio
7:12 Henry Cisneros
7:45 Toledo, Ohio,_Ohio
7:54 Secretary of H.U.D.
8:16 America’s Promise a U.S. alliance founded in 1997 to help youth people from all socioeconomic backgrounds
8:30 keynote speaker main speaker at an event or conference
8:42 Hispanics people who speak Spanish (a U.S. governmental designation)
9:12 autobiography book written about one’s own life
9:14 was floored was completely surprised (as if knocked down to the floor)
9:29 surrogate person who takes another’s place (due to original person’s inability to attend)
10:38 vacant military bases land and buildings that were formerly used by the military but are now closed
10:47 Goodyear (Tire & Rubber Co.)
10:48 Canton, Ohio,_Ohio
11:42 groundbreakings ceremonial events that signal the beginning of a new construction process
12:38 philanthropic community group of citizens who donate money and facilities to help community improvement
12:44 booming showing strong economic activity and growth
13:00 stifle limit, restrict
13:30 every entity every group, every organization, every membership
13:50 all hands on deck everyone working, everyone helping
14:04 in a nutshell basically, essentially, in summary
14:10 the (Marine) Corps
14:15 motto: Always faithful. saying in Latin: Semper Fidelis. (Sometimes abbreviated as Semper Fi.)
14:58 walk of life career or position in life
15:08 as strong as weakest link This expression uses a chain as a metaphor for a team: The group is only as strong as the weakest member.
15:15 boot camp initial training period in the military that is particularly harsh and meant to test an individual’s physical and emotional strength
15:42 a great ride a great journey or exploration
15:55 near and dear to very special, with strong emotional connection
16:00 Sí, se puede. Literally: Yes, one can.

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