Christine Lee: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:40 national spotlight in a position where everyone in the country can see
0:44 poignant touching, moving in a sadly meaningful way
0:55 Fresh Off the Boat
1:45 social disconnects people or behaviors that are not connected to others in society
2:45 top tier highest level, elite, prestigious
3:08 to that end with this in mind, intentionally
3:15 immunize protect against
3:18 sanctuary safe place, haven
4:23 simmered cooked on low heat
4:37 Korean cuisine Korean cooking
4:53 Miracle Whip American brand of salad dressing similar to mayonnaise
4:56 slapped it together assembled quickly without much attention
5:20 seminal important, influential, significant
5:27 sitcom weekly humorous tv program (short for “situation comedy”)
5:41 All-American Girl
5:46 Margaret Cho
6:15 watered down made weaker or less effective
6:19 let alone not to mention (this even more amazing detail)
7:36 rewound went back to the beginning of the story
7:58 microcosm a miniature model of the larger world
8:09 under his radar without his noticing
8:48 whether you can “pass” whether you can be viewed as white (mainstream race)
8:53 socio-cultural climate the atmosphere combining both social and cultural elements
9:04 Wild Wild West a primitive, lawless, undomesticated place (like the U.S. American frontier of the 1800s)
9:42 lived experience knowledge about the world that is gained through direct involvement in everyday events
10:32 springboard event or experience allowing a person to reach new heights
11:20 Richard Pryor
11:25 David Chappelle
11:27 Chris Rock
11:35 drive points home make points very clear
11:37 can stomach can tolerate, can accept
12:28 universality in the particular ability to express global truths by being very specific
12:55 knockoff copy, duplicate, not original
13:28 Whole The title of her book means “complete” but sounds like “missing a piece.”
13:29 homonym A word that sounds like another but mean different thing (like whole and hole).
13:43 golem from Jewish folklore, a human-like creature that is magically created from inanimate material

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