David Alicea: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
2:23 a runaway (... in the ghetto) a person (usually young) who runs away from home (and lands in a dangerous or undesirable neighborhood of the city
3:00 hacking it out getting by, surviving but not living well
4:25 foster homes family homes that offer to take in children who have no home; paid money by the government
4:55 rebelious not cooperating, acting out, behaving in a difficult way
11:27 a traunt a child who is absent from school
13:12 off my back stop bothering me
14:30 United Church of Christ a progressive U.S. Protestant Christian denomination
14:40 not God-forsaken (...but warmth-forsaken) not totally unwelcoming but not very warm
15:00 Nueva Vida Spanish name for “new life”
15:05 innovative doing things in creative and new ways
15:15 LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender
16:38 come out (of the closet) become public about one’s (LGBT) sexuality
17:10 shunned by their religion avoided (or thrown out) by their church or other religious group
20:00 charismatic lively, active form of Christian worship practice (often including dancing, loud singing, many hand/arm gestures)

Alan Headbloom

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