Yuki Takahashi: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
3:00 a rocket scientist a general expression for any kind of very smart person
5:12 cosmology study of the origin and development of the universe
6:12 NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
9:43 National Honor Society student organization for very good students (membership by invitation only)
9:50 black hole place in space with a gravitational pull so strong that neither matter nor radiation can escape it
11:20 cosmonaut Russian version of astronaut
12:09 Atacama Desert desert plateau of the Andes Mts. (across parts of Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina)
13:20 Palmer Station U.S. research station in Antarctica
14:39 surreal strange, bizarre, weird, unreal
14:59 misconception misunderstanding
15:22 capoeira Brazilian martial art form
16:35 EMS emergency medical service
16:56 Midway Atoll U.S. islands halfway between Hawaii and Japan
17:15 displaced habitats places to live that were lost or removed
17:40 eradicating predators getting rid of animals that kill [the ducks]
18:45 McMurdo Station U.S. research center based in Antarctica
19:47 SpaceX space travel company started by Elon Musk
20:17 Virgin Galactic commercial spaceflight company started by Richard Branson
22:35 Mahalo Hawaiian for "thank you"

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