Elisa Perez-Arellano: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
3:36 congregated grouped together
4:01 made fun of laughed at, mocked, joked about/td>
4:13/td> felt so out of it/td> felt alone, disconnected, unaware/td>
4:23/td> getting the hang of/td> learning, getting used to/td>
6:09/td> resilient/td> able to come back, withstand difficulties/td>
8:41/td> undocumented/td> without official papers or visas/td>
10:05/td> el macho de la casa/td> the man of the house/td>
10:45/td> machismo/td> male strength/td>
11:07/td> don’t know the ropes/td> didn’t understand the rules, how to do things
12:50 uninsured without health insurance
13:02 keep up with bills stay current with costs for housing, food, electricity, gas, etc.
13:56 LGBTQ community lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning people
15:27 potluck a meal where everyone brings one dish of food to share

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