Elisa Perez-Arellano: Social Worker and LBGTQ Advocate

With a vision of something better for their children's futures, Elisa Perez-Arellano's parents did what countless others have done before: immigrated to the United States, a land of opportunity. They stressed traditional Mexican values: hard work, family, and staying in school. Those values paid off. Today, Perez-Arellano is a college graduate--with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Social Work--working tirelessly to support those she preceded on the journey: immigrants without insurance, without a knowledge of the system, and those without hope. Her after-hours advocacy extends to supporting the Latino LGBT community as it looks to overcome stigmas and stereotypes. An inspirational woman with the wellbeing of her adopted community in her heart!

Kyle Lim: Hapa Ever After

In his coming to the U.S. to study international development, a Singaporean begins to examine the deep personal issues of race, identity, and belonging. Listen as Kyle Lim discusses his own biracial background in the context of race and place in the United States.

Antoine Dubeauclard: Trans-Atlantic Innovator

Antoine Dubeauclard, Renaissance man, moved in his childhood with his family to the United States.  There, he learned to speak fluently his third language (English), graduated from college (University of Michigan), and started a thriving business (Media Genesis) in Metro Detroit.  In his spare time, Antoine brews craft beer in his home, does paintings on wood, and creates photography in black and white.  He shares with Alan his thoughts on creativity and culture.