Sook Wilkinson Show: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
1:00 clinical psychologist someone who assesses, diagnoses, and treats mental disorders
1:10 Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission
1:35 way back then in that very distant time, many years ago.  Sook, who is recently retired, was referring to her earliest days in the U.S. as a college student.
2:26 siblings brothers and sisters
3:02 a couple bucks a few dollars
3:06 FaceTime a communication application on Apple iPhones that allow callers to hear and see each other
3:21 family reunion when many family members gather in one location to be together
3:36 back and forth go there and then return (many times)
3:46 special education educating students who have special needs, including learning challenges, physical disabilities, emotional disorders, behavioral challenges, and developmental disorders
3:50 doctorate a post-graduate research degree, for example, Ph.D., Ed.D., or Th.D.
4:02 devote your attention place most of your focus
4:24 excruciating severe, painful, intense, violent, or acute
4:36 aha moment is a moment when you suddenly realize something new or surprising and say, “Aha!”
4:54 puzzling unknown, hard to answer
5:11 Korean heritage Korean family background 
5:53 phenomenological research studying experience that people have lived (not theoretical)
5:57 qualitative methodology investigating the “how” and “why” of behavior
6:03 play therapy treatment that engages the patients in play activity as part of their healing
6:40 distressed upset, anxious, sad, troubled
7:17 anxiety worried, nervous
7:30 Caucasian white people, racial-ethnic tribes from Europe
7:36 clinical experience work done in treatment clinics
8:39 crib at an orphanage infant bed in a home for parentless children
8:54 caregiver someone who takes care of someone very young, very old, or very weak.
8:56 forge a relationship build a strong relationship
9:27 adoptees children who are given a new home by non-birth families
9:33 cyclical happening over and over again (in an ongoing cycle)
10:10 profound philosophical answer very deeply thoughtful answer
10:15 resurface to come up again
10:47 inopportune times at times which are not convenient
11:21 advocacy working and speaking to influence economic, political, or educational policy and resources
11:33 ethnic group socially defined group based on common ancestry or culture
11:53 exponentially increasing rapidly
13:19 give voice to speak about, empower, not be silent
13:33 eligible to having the right or the approval to do something
13:59 get yourself around be mobile, take yourself where you need to go

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