Veronica Ramirez Show: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation 
0:50 mission official statement of purpose(s) of an organization
0:55 bridge any gaps provide a connection for anyone who has needs
1:15 Anglos English speakers (usually of N. European heritage)
1:35 IRS rules (and regulations) Internal Revenue Service is the taxing arm of the U.S. government
1:45 entrepreneurs people who start up a new business
1:55 come to find out learn something a little surprising or unexpected
2:00 temptation strong desire to do something that may be inappropriate
3:00 with that being said even so; despite this
3:00 a head for business be good at business, have a business mindset
3:00 keep on hand have something ready to use
3:50 came across individuals met or discovered people
4:50 tip the difference shift the balance enough to make a big change
5:30 non-profit world organizations with a goal of improving the life of the community (not goal of making money)
6:50 vendors salespeople (often sellers to other businesses)
7:00 merchant  business (usually selling things to the public)
7:20 not in place not ready to go or ready to use
8:30 get to the point be direct, conduct business right away
9:00 navigating planning the best direction to travel or best action to take
9:03 all the more invaluable even more beneficial, useful
9:30 how to go about  how to approach or get organized (to look for scholarships)
10:05 reached out offered (to help)
10:15 pulled in my parents got my parents involved
10:30 If it wasn’t for… If this situation didn’t exist, (something else would have happened).
11:10 become somebody become successful, become well known
11:20 aspire to be have the dream (or goal) to become
11:40 leading the charge being the first one toward the goal
11:50 new horizons new goals to shoot for
12:00 DREAMers students who were born outside the U.S. but grew up as cultural Americans wanting to study at American colleges (The DREAM Act was introduced in the U.S. Congress as the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act.)
13:15 big fans of strongly in favor of

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