Antoine Dubeauclard Show: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation 
1:25 London, Ontario city of 350,000 (
1:33 a good chunk of (informal) a good bit of, a good piece of (usually) a hard block of material, e.g., a chunk of wood, a chunk of chocolate…or in this case, a chunk of his time
1:47 yep (informal) yes
2:07 cockpit front of an airplane where the pilot controls the flight
2:47 formative having a strong and lasting influence on someone’s development
3:17 by-product something that comes as a result of something else, but happens without planning or intention.  Antoine said that a by-product of living in a different culture is learning to see and think differently afterwards.  He wasn’t intending to change, but change naturally came about from his life overseas.
3:42 spork a utensil that is half-fork, half-spoon
3:44 beyond me impossible to understand or process
3:52 let alone not to mention; and here is an even stronger example
4:47 savored tasted slowly, with enjoyment
4:55 slamming their Big Mac eating their large hamburger quickly
5:25 ritual a practiced ceremony or routine of activities (sometimes religious)
5:30 produce fruit and vegetables
5:34 aggregate put together, form a group
5:45 convening gathering, coming together
6:06 mystique mysterious quality, appeal, or charm
6:11 X-bazillion many; more than a million (usually said as an exaggeration)
7:12 Muammar Gaddafi military dictator of Libya (from 1969-2011)
7:25 dissented disagreed on an official policy or decision
7:33 François Hollande elected President of France in 2012
7:54 shades of pink variations of left-wing political belief
7:56 Trotskyites, Leninists people who followed the political beliefs of Marxist Leon Trotsky or communist Vladimir Lenin
8:26 clashes conflicts, collisions, disagreements
8:39 raise our voice get loud, speak emotionally
8:47 right up there very popular, ranked (up) near the top of the list
9:13 embedded inserted, implanted, set inside
9:18 Wild West cowboy culture of the western United States of the second half of the 19th century
9:27 bandes dessinées French/Belgian comic books (
9:51 idolization strong admiration, great love, or worship
9:54 cynicism belief in the selfishness, not in the goodness, of people
9:58 divergences differences, places of distinctiveness
10:17 get ired at get annoyed with, become angry at
10:40 burgeoning growing quickly, flourish
11:01 pigeonhole to limit people by placing them in a narrow role or category
11:04 nerd someone who is studious or intellectually advanced but socially unskilled
11:13 fly-tying creating one’s own “flies” used as bait in fly-fishing
11:40 continuum an unbroken sequence or scale going between two extreme positions
11:46 Renaissance European cultural movement from the 14th to 17th century which saw the flourishing of art, literature, architecture, political science, and intellect
11:52 enlightenment knowledge, wisdom, learning, awareness
13:14 characterization describing the features or qualities
13:38 Council of Gauls Celtic people living 2000 years ago in what is now France
13:50 downside disadvantage
14:21 First Peoples native tribes of North America (before the Europeans arrived)
14:27 combat history fight with past traditions
14:49 long legacy tradition or achievement from the distant past which continues today
15:03 counterparts person performing a corresponding job in another place
15:34 IPAs India pale ales; beer type with strong flavor of hops

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