Kharka Gurung & Scott Townley: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:36 N’Djamena, Chad'Djamena
0:38 Third Culture Kid Also TCK or 3CK, this is a child who was raised in a culture outside of the parents' culture for a significant part of his/her developing years.
0:45 Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
1:57 Biblical related to the Bible, the holy book of Christians
1:59 behold look, see
2:06 underscores Christian heritage emphasizes Christian background or history
2:24 Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
2:30 Old Testament Theology the study of the nature of God and religious thought from the first part (Hebrew part) of the Christian Bible
2:34 pastor an ordained minister, often a religious leader of a church
2:39 behind the pulpit preaching religious messages from an elevated position at the front of a church sanctuary
2:50 Billy Graham
3:14 itinerant moving a lot
4:40 dissertation a long paper written to support one’s standing as a PhD (or similar advanced degree)
5:42 Central African Republic
6:33 formative years years when a young person is developing his thoughts and beliefs
7:45 Africanized becoming more like an African
7:52 Chadian a person from Chad
7:54 kinship relationship, often of a family
8:31 lineage relations between a person and his/her past family members
8:42 communal culture where community members have a strong and defined relationship
8:51 ancestors family members who preceded you
9:00 testimony a written or spoken statement given to make it public and official
9:15 ministry one form of religious practice and programming
10:36 LINC Revitalization
10:42 Natural Helper someone at LINC who works as a liaison between the organization providing service and the community members who need it
11:46 revitalized given new energy
11:55 set the tone established the way people will think and talk
13:02 indigenous leadership when local people are put in positions of power
13:25 colonial powers when outside countries enter other countries to take over the industries, the political leadership, and the other systems of a perceived “lesser” society
13:50 on the ground right there, present, in place
14:06 throw off the yoke (of colonialism) get rid of old colonial system of rule
14:13 lingering staying around, not going away
14:51 holistic belief that all parts of an organization are closely connected and important
15:17 with open arms with a big welcome (like hugging)

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