Reouhidi Ndjerareou: Slang and Cultural Expression

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:39 literally growing opportunities generally means increasing options for work and life, but here it has the actual and basic meaning of farming, of growing crops
0:44 Bhutan mountainous Asian country between China and India
0:49 sustainability system of enduring processes that incorporate ecology, economics, and culture
1:21 curriculum coordinated study plan
1:32 agricultural growing crops
1:34 entrepreneurship process of starting and running a business
2:10 worked its way eventually became available
2:20 MSUE (Michigan State University Extension) educating Michiganders to improve jobs, health, families, and communities
3:44 back to your roots returning to one’s earlier background or heritage
3:54 speechless unable to talk
4:13 ethnically Nepali having group or tribal identity from Nepal
5:01 birthplace place where someone was born
5:11 fled ran away, escaped from
5:16 civilians ordinary people
5:29 traumatic full of stress, emotion, upset
5:38 UNICEF United Nations Program providing long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance in developing countries
6:10 IOM (International Organization for Migration)
6:20 resettled helped to make a home in a new place
8:00 Burmese the language of Burma
8:06 Karen ethnic group of southern Burma
8:15 gesticulating using gestures to show one’s meaning
8:29 empathy ability to understand someone’s feelings
8:58 grace giving and receiving of love and kindness, whether we deserve it or not
8:36 discrete skills skills that are separate and distinct
11:10 Bethany

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