Metta Anongdeth: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
2:13 executed killed by the government (according to its laws)
3:10 something was up something was different, something was wrong
4:01 cause a disturbance make noise, disturb everyone
4:15 in the hands of in the control of
4:40 Mekong River
5:21 turmoil great disorder, confusion, uncertainty
6:04 corridor hallway
6:08 jam in push in tightly, crowd in
7:20 pigtails when long hair is separated, combed, and tied into two clusters in the back of the head
7:49 disguise us ... ugly ducklings make us look like unattractive, ordinary children
8:08 unspeakable cannot speak of it (because it is so terrible)
8:41 simple etiquettes basic rules of behavior
9:08 Hershey, PA,_Pennsylvania
10:19 navigate steer, guide in the right direction
10:28 mid-30s between 33 and 37 years old
10:37 bottom-up (work) work in low-skill or low paying-jobs and then move up
10:47 seamstress woman who sews for customers
11:28 rub shoulders with associate with, spend time with
12:45 mingle network, meet, talk with different people
14:10 out of their shell out of their usual small space, into the public, more confident
15:02 townhouse house with 2 or more floors side by side with similar houses
16:25 underestimate don’t give enough credit or value to this

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