Nardos Osterhart: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:41 Eritrea
1:02 suspenseful anxious waiting without knowing the results
1:18 by trade professionally, in my work life
1:31 stand-up comedy...on the side telling jokes on something extra (not my day job)
1:42 Lagos, Nigeria
1:50 star-crossed lovers two people in love but having fate (the stars) work against them
2:08 military coup...the Derg
2:20 overthrown the monarchy forcefully take the ruling king/queen out of power
3:00 gain political asylum be accepted into a sheltering country because of political danger
3:05 Protestant church a Christian church that is non-Catholic
4:06 Orthodox Christian world’s 2nd largest Christian church (225+ million believers) most living in Eastern/Southern Europe, the Middle East, Russia
4:17 Greek Orthodox the Orthodox church with Greek cultural roots in the Balkans, Turkey, and the East Mediterranean
4:56 turmoil disorder, upset, confusion, struggle
5:00 on the rocks in trouble, about to crash (like a ship against the rocks)
5:12 custody the legal rules of responsibility for housing / caring for children (or adults unable to take care of themselves)
5:22 We’re not in Kansas, Toto. This is a new and very different place. (a line spoken by Dorothy to her dog Toto in the movie, Wizard of Oz)
5:42 acclimated used to, comfortable with
5:57 wardrobes so lavish clothing so fancy or expensive
6:34 lump you (in) put you in the same category (even though you’re different)
6:50 assimilating blending in, becoming the same
6:56 couldn’t help but it was unavoidable to
7:24 Norman, OK,_Oklahoma
7:45 cradle Catholic someone who is Catholic from birth
8:42 anxiety great concern or worry
8:48 public speaking speaking in front of a (large) group of people
9:09 uncomfortable reaching up didn’t want to go above her level in the company
9:21 innate skill skill that you were born with (not that you learned)
9:42 Toastmasters an organization dedicated to clear and interesting public speaking skills
9:52 improv(ization) performing in public without knowing or practicing the topic ahead of time
9:56 Dale Carnegie training
10:25 Dr. Grins in the B.O.B. comedy club located in the Big Old Building in downtown Grand Rapids (the expression “for grins” means “for fun”
10:31 open mics public events that give anyone a chance to speak at the microphone for a short time
13:15 carve out carefully allot time (for an activity)

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