Benjamin Amponsah: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:53 liaison person who facilitates communication and cooperation
0:56 Ga District part of the Accra District of southeastern coastal Ghana
1:02 dapper neat, well dressed, good looking (usually said of a man)
1:27 inquisitive curious, asking questions
1:57 The Ohio State University The grammar of universities is to use “the” in front of “University of...” and no article in front of “...State University.” However, Ohio State University has chosen to brand itself with the word “The” in front of the school name. It is ungrammatical, so anyone not from OSU will laugh at their changing of English grammar.
2:35 stifle to suppress or restrain someone from acting on a desire
3:15 Appalachian Mts.
3:30 celebrities famous people
4:50 valedictorian the top student in a graduating class
5:14 Yeah, right! sarcasm: pretending to agree but really disagreeing
6:30 traditional personnel label an older model of basic employee issues management compared to strategic business function of staffing management
7:47 global citizen someone who identifies with a wider world belonging than just a single country membership
7:59 parochial narrow in scope, not broad minded
8:09 nostalgia fond longing for past times
9:11 Perugia, Omihachiman, Bielsko-Biala, Ga District, Zapopan Grand Rapids’ five sister cities in Italy, Japan, Poland, Ghana, and Mexico
10:15 high-minded goals ethical, virtuous, strongly principled
12:00 heritage inherited history and culture

Alan Headbloom

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