Brian Kingshott: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:33 wrote the book is an expert (in this area)
0:39 criminal justice the government system for keeping social control, stopping and reducing crime, and imposing penalties and rehabilitation on people convicted of crimes
0:44 bi-coastal on two coast lines
1:02 came into the world with a bang entered the world with much show and attention
1:22 air raid warning alert that bomber planes will be attacking
1:32 birth canal channel through which a baby is born out from its mother
1:41 decimated killed or destroyed a large number of
2:14 Special Air Service (SAS) special forces unit of British Army founded in 1941 undertaking reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, direct action, and human intelligence gathering
2:22 behind enemy lines across the divide where the enemy forces are in control
2:26 fuel dumps stockpiles of gasoline for military vehicles
2:46 Desert Rats 7th Armoured Division (United Kingdom)
3:00 mine clearance process of removing land mines to make an area safe
3:13 triaged separated out the worst medical cases
3:31 Merchant Navy fleet of ships supplying the British war effort
3:42 Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships that deliver worldwide logistical and operational support for the British Royal Navy
4:10 rivalry competition between two known opponents
4:29 ostensibly supposedly, for the seeming purpose of
4:48 Enigma Machine electro-mechanical machine used to encode and decode secret messages
5:04 encrypted written in a secret code
5:25 Bletchley Park
5:43 Alan Turing the pioneering British mathematician/scientist highly influential in developing the model of a general purpose computer and cracking the WW2 German military codes
6:13 Intelligence Service government agency that collects, analyzes, and uses information to support law enforcement, national security, the military, and foreign policy
6:37 decrypted translated from code to regular language
6:47 London postmark the official London post office stamp on an envelope
7:27 surreal strange, bizarre, unusual, unreal
7:46 draw your uniform get your uniform (from the supply department)
8:28 contemporaries people of the same age
9:12 autobiography story about a person’s life written by that person
9:21 burglary at his writing lodge theft from the private building used for writing
9:39 Keats, Kingshott, Kipling... Brian Kingshott’s name was alphabetically included between two very famous British authors
10:05 human trafficking selling people’s labor or bodies for money (without their consent)
10:18 ethics branch of philosophy that seeks to define right and wrong behavior
10:22 Renaissance Man man who has very diverse interests and knowledge
11:12 bias against prejudice against
11:39 picking up nuances able to distinguish small details
12:02 cadre group of people with special training
12:08 taken hostage being captured against one’s will by people who demand money or special political/military payment in exchange for the person’s safe return
12:29 get a bee in my bonnet get very excited about something
12:50 counter-terrorism methods of fighting against terrorism
12:52 30-odd years more than 30 years
13:00 a dozen years on a dozen years later

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