Meeting the Sikhs: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:50 Sikh Punjabi word for disciple or follower
1:33 inauguration special ceremony to mark the beginning of a system, policy, or person
1:36 devotees people who are committed (devoted) to a certain idea or belief
2:09 holy scripture sacred written teachings of a religion
3:30 congregation local membership of a religious group
4:38 tie a turban wrap a cloth turban on one’s head
5:30 white supremacist white person who believes his race is superior to all others
6:18 seva act of selfless service, that is, helping others without expecting payment in return
7:08 bhai sahib priest (in Punjabi, literally “brother-sir”)
8:20 premise underlying statement of policy or belief
9:27 qualms problems, doubts, issues
9:59 converts people who switch over to another way of believing
10:01 proselytizing recruiting people to come over to a different way of believing
10:13 Mogul Empire an Islamic empire ruling the areas that today include India, Iran, and Afghanistan between 1526 and 1857 (also Moghul or Mughal)
10:23 asylum shelter, protection
10:29 slaughtered violently killed many people
10:16 pondered thought about very deeply
10:53 beheaded killed by cutting off the head
11:12 Granth Sahib the collection of holy writings, hymns, and poetry by the ten Sikh gurus (also by Hindu and Muslim saints)
12:38 maligning criticizing, speaking poorly of someone or something
13:12 devoid absent, lacking
13:43 convocation gathering
13:59 langar feeding in communal kitchen
14:31 stomach is growling stomach making noises when hungry

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