Phillip Nguyen: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:35 President-Elect person who has been elected President but has not yet formally taken office
0:40 Tet Offensive major military campaign waged by North Vietnam against the South in 1968
0:52 orphaned lost both parents
3:14 Hainan
3:18 Macao (or Macau)
3:30 capsizing tipping over in the water
4:08 typhoon severe tropical storm in the Pacific Ocean
4:42 holding out waiting, not deciding immediately, looking for a better option
5:20 scam a trick or plan to fool people
  turned down refused
  threatened me told me to change my behavior or something bad would happen to me
  Bethany Christian Services
  World Vision
  bounced around went back and forth, without stability, like a rubber ball
7:01 lo and behold when you look, you are surprised
7:08 do division in two digits using arithmetic to divide a figure with two numbers, for example: 36 ÷ 12 = 3 (36 has two numbers and 12 has two numbers)
7:12 stereotyping making a judgment about someone based on typical assumptions rather than on specific knowledge
7:30 perseverance not giving up, continuing to try
7:37 foster family family that takes a homeless child (or dependent adult) into its home
7:50 avid reader someone who read enthusiastically
8:52 online auction selling on the internet through a controlled system of bidding
9:40 lapel pin decorative jewelry that pierces the front cloth flap of a jacket
10:21 under the rule of China controlled by Chinese military and government
22:30 and whatnot and other things
11:03 found Jesus discovered the Christian religion and accepted it as a belief system
11:10 missionary Christian who moves into new region to recruit new members into the religion
11:23 never looked back kept going forward, didn’t stop to consider the past
11:38 touch base with your roots re-connect with one’s past home or heritage

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