Juan Daniel Castro: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:39 leap-frogging jumping over, skipping over (like the children’s game of jumping over each other’s backs)
1:10 induction introduction, bringing inside a group or culture
1:26 influx large flow coming in
1:53 homogeneous all the same, without variation
2:12 Mestizos persons of combined European / Native American heritage
2:38 enamored with in love with
3:04 formative years childhood years when person is most easily influenced
4:26 uneventful with nothing special happening
4:32 economic downturn when business is bad
4:39 peso the Mexican unit of money
4:50 gigging having gigs, playing music for money
5:00 take a shot at try, take a chance at (something)
5:22 plugging away keep trying, not giving up, working steadily
5:28 unbearable intolerable, not possible to withstand
6:12 body shop repair shop for car bodies
6:58 Central Supply technician person who delivers clean supplies and removes dirty supplies around the hospital
7:12 customary usual
7:24 soiled equipment dirty equipment
7:39 Programa Puente http://www.spectrumhealth.org/puente
8:12 Latins of a different stripe people of a different type who also have Roman/Latin heritage
8:45 psychosocial interventions treatments that emphasize psychological or social factors rather than biological factors
9:10 re-engineered designed in a new way
10:00 health outcomes disparity when the health results differ greatly because of group membership (due to race, gender, ethnicity, etc.)
10:19 underlying assumption the basic belief underneath the action
10:30 cardiovascular disease illness of the heart or blood vessels
10:56 Los de Afuera...The Outsiders https://www.facebook.com/losdeafueramusic
11:00 salsa band band playing Puerto Rican, Cuban, Colombian dance music from the 1970s New York City
12:09 Puerto Rican descent having parents or grandparents from Puerto Rico
12:20 Mexican co-national person who is also from Mexico
12:31 against our will without our permission, we didn’t want it, we tried to avoid it
13:45 visual impairment does not have full capability to see well
14:02 Americans with Disability Act (ADA) 1990 U.S. law that prohibits discrimination based on disability
14:25 accent is thick type of speech that is difficult to understand because it strongly sounds like another language

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