Kizombo Kalumbula: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:33 demeanor way of acting, way of showing oneself
0:35 genocide massive killing of one ethnic group
1:50 Zaire
2:21 turmoil chaos, confusion, disorganization
2:24 holocaust killing or destruction on a large scale
2:27 genesis start, beginning
2:55 exodus leaving, going out
3:03 inundated flooded, overwhelmed
3:30 oust ... Mobutu Sese Seko
3:52 humongous huge, enormous [informal]
4:30 tyranny oppression, very bad treatment
6:15 foe enemy
6:25 doctoral related to studies for a doctor’s degree, usually a PhD
7:12 crumble break into small pieces
7:14 disintegrate fall apart, become disconnected
7:21 coherence ability to stay together, to be intact
7:40 vibrant alive, lively
7:54 get to the bottom of find the root cause, learn the basis
8:01 prone to thrive, flourish tend to do very well, grow, succeed
8:13 resiliency ability to return after failure or defeat, bounce back
8:21 synonymous have the same meaning
8:26 nuances slight differences
8:46 let moss grow under your feet be inactive
9:01 tagline motto, slogan
9:14 usher guide, direct, escort
10:32 flip-flopping changing back and forth
11:25 straddling having one foot on either side of a divide
11:45 Sparta, MI,_Michigan
13:05 aspirations dreams, high goals
13:54 remedy cure, fix
15:10 override reject, cancel, speak against, work against, veto

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