Michele Clark: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:45 B&B bed and breakfast: a small kind of hotel with personalized service
1:54 remodel the house change the style or form of the house
2:05 fazenda Brazilian plantation with countryhouse
2:10 working plantation The B&B is an elegant old house but is located on a farm that also produces real crops (in this case, coffee beans).
2:28 phoenix project rebuilding something from a state of destruction
2:36 renovate repair, fix up, make new
3:05 re-plant to plant again
3:30 Fazenda Neuchatel http://www.fazendaneuchatel.com
4:57 isolated alone, not surrounded by other people
5:37 telecommuting working long distance, using the telephone or internet to connect with co-workers and clients instead of meeting face to face
6:16 winery business where grapes are made into wine
6:23 peacocks large birds with tall, showy tail feathers
6:27 earrings Michele’s shop sells handcrafted jewelry, including earrings
7:48 quilombola descendents of Afro-Brazilian slaves who escaped from working on Brazilian slave plantations
8:04 durable sturdy, long lasting
8:30 Dona Belô woman who is teaching Michele how to make items from golden grass
8:49 buriti palm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mauritia_flexuosa
9:53 http://www.brazilianshack.org Listen to Brazilian music when visiting Michele’s site!
10:34 respect for space not entering other people’s property (even though many Americans don’t have walls or fences surrounding it)
12:38 pavement cement or asphalt roadways
13:09 rolling stop slowing down and rolling through an intersection without actually coming to a complete stop at the stop sign
13:29 jeitinho brasileiro The “Brazilian way” is a practical approach to life, working around rules and obstacles to get what you need, often done with a wink and a smile.

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