Luna Atamian: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
0:44 legal eagle fun, informal way of saying “lawyer”
1:42 Armenia
1:44 Uruguay
2:20 ethnically when people share a distinctive culture, religion, language
3:12 can make it can succeed
3:17 entrepreneurship starting a business, developing a plan, allocating the resources, and being responsible for the success or failure
3:24 advocacy support, promotion, or championing of a cause
3:43 lengthier longer
6:45 undocumented without official papers giving permission to stay in a country
7:00 comprehensive immigration reform complete revision of laws that regulate people who move into a country
7:32 pressing issue problem requiring immediate attention
7:49 mobilize organizing for action
9:00 soprano female singing voice with the highest vocal range
9:39 resolution formal expression of an intention
12:24 6 k(ilometers) 6 km = 3.7 miles
12:27 10 k(ilometers) 10 km = 6 miles
12:31 endorphins drugs produced naturally by the body to create energy and a feeling of aliveness

Alan Headbloom

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