Amal Berry: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
1:02 Metro Airport Detroit Metropolitan Airport
140 communal connected, living with a sense of community
2:00 special education segregated classes for children with emotional problems and learning disabilities
2:30 brutal harsh, mean, violent
2:56 Arab descent having ancestors (parents, grandparents, etc.) with Arabian background
2:58 assimilated blended in, taken over, absorbed
3:15 hummus and grape leaves typical Mediterranean foods: hummus is a blended paste of chick peas, garlic, sesame paste, andÂ
3:30 Wonder Bread North American brand name of a kind of soft, white sandwich bread (In intercultural/interracial conversations, the name “white bread” implies homogeneous (dominant) whi culture without an understanding of ethnic diversity.)
3:52 kibbeh an egg-shaped Middle Eastern food made with cracked wheat, onions, ground red meat, and spices
4:00 transcended went beyond
4:17 MediterraneanÂ
5:02 heritage something that comes to a person from birth or inheritance, including ethnicity and culture
5:24 dressed up wearing clothing that is more special than the usual
5:30 our Sunday best our nicest clothing (expression from the Christian tradition of wearing the best clothing to church on Sunday)
5:31 if you will if you will allow me to use this expression in this situation
6:22 from within with internal (personal) motivation, not influenced by others
6:25 comfortable in my own skin content with being who I am
7:00 either/or must make a choice between two options
7:01 both/and can choose both options
7:17 melting pot blending (a metaphor for everyone being assimilated into one homogeneous culture, not allowing any ethnic or cultural distinctiveness)
7:18 mosaic an art form with many distinct shapes and colors working together to make a diverse, interesting image (a metaphor for unifying diverse people without making them lose their original identities)
7:33 ethos the character or beliefs and ideals that represent a group or nation
9:00 not tainted not spoiled or corrupted
9:08 without baggage without negative history that blocks someoneÂ’s current living or thinking
10:36 my Maker God (the Power or Life Force that created me)
10:55 modesty being humble, not showy or extreme
11:52 ethnic disparities outcomes that represent unequal access or results for some racial or cultural groups
12:10 initiatives new programs or projects
12:13 from the leadership on down beginning with the leaders and continuing throughout an entire organization
12:17 cultural competence ability to understand, respect, and work with people from various cultural backgrounds beyond oneÂ’ own
12:30 self-aware understanding oneÂ’s own personality and history
13:40 passionate having strong commitment and energy

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