Nkechy Ezeh: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
1:11 From Southern Nigeria to Michigan How the weather is different
2:09 wrap your head around to comprehend something that one considers challenging, confusing, or a foreign concept
2:31 in your face directly at or against one: as one approaches
3:58 pop in to go, come, or appear suddenly
5:30 Does racism exist in Nigeria? Nkechy explains the different stereotypes around her culture
7:08 accorded respect give or grant someone (respect, power, staus, or recognition)
7:30 intermediary a person who acts as a link between people in order to try to bring about an agreement or reconciliation; a mediator
9:35 Nkechy's parental recognition The honor of her parents and what she has learned from them
11:04 nudging prod (someone) gently, typically with one's elbow, in order to draw their attention to something. Coax or gently encourage (someone) to do something.
11:24 not afforded to not provide or supply (an opportunity or facility)
11:37 Inspiration for starting the ELNC ELNC (Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative) and why she wanted to start it
12:43 blustering in blowing in violent and abrupt bursts affected or characterized by storms or communication
14:10 challening the status quo challenging or changing existing social structure and values
14:50 gets on your nerve to be irritated; annoyed by something
14:57 fidgeting to make small movements, especially of the hands and feet, through nervousness or impatience
15:03 gets in timeout time for rest or recreation away from one's usual work or time studies
15:13 not yourself not feel well
15:30 Children's brain development Children's brain development happens 90% before kindergarten
15:42 behind the 8-ball at a disadvantage
16:34 What she would like viewers to know Preschool does matter. Early childhood education does matter.
17:38 owe it to ourselves need to do something to protect one's own interests

Alan Headbloom

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