Deepa Iyer: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
1:46 binary having only two options
3:27 grieving extended sadness about a loss
3:44 scrutinized being examined very closely
3:58 turban or hijab head covering for men or women
4:27 S.A.L.T. South Asian Leadership Training
5:03 Islamophobia fear of Muslims
5:12 racial anxiety being worried because of others’ race
5:51 percolating brewing, simmering, working for a long time
6:01 the brunt of the main force of
6:57 gurdwara Sikh religious temple
7:15 white supremacist person who believes whites are superior to all other races
8:00 resilience ability to come back after hardship
9:07 incumbent upon required of
9:42 vitriolic and divisive angry and separating
9:57 plethora plenty, a number of
10:37 implicit bias feelings against others which may be unrecognized
11:13 interrogate myself seriously question myself
12:03 ne’er-do-well bad person (someone who “never does well”)
13:39 Grand Rapids Progressive Women’s Alliance

Alan Headbloom

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