Mira Krishnan: Slang and Cultural Expressions

Approx. time Expression Explanation
:40 autism from early childhood, mental condition with difficulty in communicating, in forming relationships with other people, and in using language or abstract concepts
2:06 intermittently off and on, not continuously
4:12 black sheep person who is considered the bad example of the group
7:17 what made them tick what made them act or be the way they do or are
7:26 epilepsy neurological disorder with abnormal electrical activity in the brain causing sudden and recurring times of convulsions , sensory disturbance, or loss of consciousness
8:48 resiliency ability to come back after difficulty
9:03 savant person with detailed knowledge, especially in one field
9:25 neurotypical person with “normal” brain activity, not autistic
12:02 come out (informal expression) when LGBT persons begin to publicly present their sexual identity
12:22 tightly knit having very close interpersonal relationship
14:42 internalized racism when people from non-dominant racial groups feel a sense of shame or inferiority about themselves
15:39 can’t ever un-see impossible to take something away after it has been seen

Alan Headbloom

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