Looking Busy

As we mentioned last week, American churches often use their exterior signs to announce worship schedules, share upcoming sermon topics, and give general moral advice.  Happily for us, church employees often post clever messages with a sense of humor, giving passersby something to think about or chuckle about.  This week, our What's So Funny? segment continues a series of clever American church signs.  Do you get what's so funny?


In the Christian Bible, it says Jesus will come back to Earth again.  

What's So Funny?  

If you are chatting or checking personal email at work, you are not doing your job.  A coworker may suddenly shout, "The boss is coming!"  Then all the workers will have to pretend they are busy doing their work.  This funny sign combines the Biblical idea of Jesus's return to Earth and the boss's return to your work area.  Of course, you might be able to fool your boss, but if Jesus has divine knowledge, then you can't fool him by pretending to work.

Stay tuned.  We have more funny church signs coming!

Alan Headbloom

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